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  1. Fete Pewter Grey Cloth Napkin
    AED 19.00
    Fete Pewter Grey Cloth Napkin.
  2. Francesca Blue Floral Napkin
    AED 39.00
    Francesca Blue Floral Napkin.
  3. Fete Dark Green Cotton Napkin
    AED 19.00
    Party Dark Green Cotton Napkin.
  4. Helena Graphite Linen Dinner Napkin.
  5. Sateen Silver Cloth Dinner Napkin.
  6. Spectra Cloth Cocktail Napkins, Set of 8: one of each color.
  7. Ziggurat Napkin
    AED 35.00
    Ziggurat Napkin.
  8. Fete Ecru Ivory Cloth Napkin
    AED 19.00
    Fete Ecru Ivory Cloth Napkin.
  9. Suits Linen Cloth Dinner Napkins, Set of 4: one of each design.
  10. Finn Natural Napkin
    AED 35.00
    Finn Natural Napkin.
  11. Dalton Neutral Cloth Dinner Napkin.
  12. Helena Vanilla Ivory Linen Cloth Dinner Napkin.
  13. Nola Striped Linen Napkin
    AED 45.00
    Nola Striped Linen Napkin.
  14. Fete White Cloth Napkin
    AED 19.00
    Fete White Cloth Napkin.
  15. Sequin Dinner Napkin
    AED 29.00
    Sequin Dinner Napkin.
  16. Helena Indigo Blue Cloth Dinner Napkin.
  17. Astrid Batik Napkin
    AED 35.00
    Astrid Batik Napkin.
  18. Marley Green Napkin
    AED 35.00
    Marley Green Napkin.