Serveware Accessories

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  1. Cambridge Gold 3-Tier Stand
    AED 139.00
    Cambridge Gold 3-Tier Stand.
  2. Farmhouse White Pancake Warmer
    AED 115.00
    Farmhouse White Pancake Warmer.
  3. Oak Check Wood Flatware Caddy
    AED 139.00
    Oak Check Wood Flatware Caddy.
  4. White Place Cards, Set of 20
    AED 9.00
    White Card Stock Place Cards, Set of 20.
  5. Chalkboard Cheese Markers, Set of 6.
  6. Black Galvanized Flatware Caddy
    AED 115.00
    Black Galvanized Flatware Caddy.
  7. Artesia Grey Flatware Caddy
    AED 115.00
    Artesia Grey Flatware Caddy.
  8. Boyd Acacia Wood Flatware Caddy
    AED 185.00
    Boyd Acacia Wood Flatware Caddy.
  9. Bendt Iron Wire Napkin Holder
    AED 69.00
    Bendt Iron Wire Napkin Holder.
  10. Carson Flatware Caddy with Leather Handles.
  11. Cambridge 3 Tier Stand.
  12. Artesia Honey Rattan Flatware Caddy.
  13. Botanical Napkin Holder
    AED 79.00
    Botanical Napkin Holder.
  14. Boyd Acacia Wood Napkin Holder
    AED 79.00
    Boyd Acacia Wood Napkin Holder.
  15. Galvanized Flatware Caddy
    AED 115.00
    Galvanized Flatware Caddy.
  16. Artesia Honey Rattan Napkin Holder.