Cake Plates & Stands

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  1. Merge Porcelain Cake Stand
    Merge Porcelain Cake Stand
    AED 115.00
    Merge Porcelain Cake Stand.
  2. Galvanized 3-Tier Server
    Galvanized 3-Tier Server
    AED 229.00
    Galvanized 3-Tier Server.
  3. Prospect Wood Base Dome Server
    Prospect Wood Base Dome Server
    AED 325.00
    Prospect Wood Base Dome Server.
  4. Cambridge Gold 2-Tier Server
    Cambridge Gold 2-Tier Server
    AED 249.00
    Cambridge Gold 2-Tier Server.
  5. Footed Cake Stand with Dome
    Footed Cake Stand with Dome
    AED 279.00
    Footed Cake Stand with Dome.
  6. Three-Tier Glass Server
    Three-Tier Glass Server
    AED 229.00
    3 Tier Glass Server
  7. Afiya 3-tier stand
    Afiya 3-tier stand
    AED 575.00
    Afiya 3-tier stand

  8. Marin White 2-Tier Server
    Marin White 2-Tier Server
    AED 279.00
    Marin White 2-Tier Server.
  9. Wood Marble Pedestal
    Wood Marble Pedestal
    AED 255.00
    Wood Marble Pedestal.
  10. Merge Porcelain Two-Tiered Server
    Merge Porcelain Two-Tiered Server.
  11. Wood Marble 2-Tier Server
    Wood Marble 2-Tier Server
    AED 325.00
    Wood Marble 2-Tier Server.
  12. French Kitchen Marble 2-Tier Server
    French Kitchen Marble 2-Tier Server.
  13. Prospect 2-Tier Server
    Prospect 2-Tier Server
    AED 279.00
    Prospect 2-Tier Server.
  14. Form Pedestal
    Form Pedestal
    AED 95.00
    Form Pedestal.
  15. Carson Acacia Wood Cake Pedestal
    Carson Acacia Wood Cake Pedestal
    AED 325.00
    Carson Acacia Wood Cake Pedestal.
  16. Al Habib Cake Stand
    Al Habib Cake Stand
    AED 675.00
    Al Habib Cake Stand

  17. Charlotte Cake Stand
    Charlotte Cake Stand
    AED 185.00
    Charlotte Cake Stand.
  18. Marin White Large Cake Stand
    Marin White Large Cake Stand
    AED 165.00
    Marin White Large Cake Stand.