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  1. Dottie Aqua Acrylic Drink Glass
    AED 25.00
    Dottie Aqua Acrylic Drink Glass.
  2. Schmidt Brothers BBQ Grab and Grill Corn Grilling Basket.
  3. Swirl Acrylic Cooler Glass
    AED 25.00
    Swirl Acrylic Cooler Glass. 22 oz.
  4. Pitcher with 4 Bubble Tumblers
    AED 185.00
    Pitcher with 4 Bubble Tumblers.
  5. Stacking Acrylic Clear Wine Glass. 8 oz.
  6. Non-Stick Grill Grids, Set of 2
    AED 139.00
    Non-Stick Grids Grill, Set of 2.
  7. Lunea Melamine White Tray with Handles.
  8. Stacking Acrylic Margarita Glass. 14 oz.
  9. Decker Galvanized Tray
    AED 139.00
    Decker Galvanized Tray.
  10. Heart Bottle Stopper
    AED 25.00
    Heart Bottle Stopper.
  11. Lunea Melamine White Dinner Plate.
  12. Sora Acrylic Pitcher
    AED 115.00
    Sora Acrylic Pitcher. 140 oz.
  13. Schmidt Brothers BBQ Mesh Basket.
  14. Bali Round Abaca Placemat
    AED 35.00
    Bali Round Abaca Placemat.
  15. Pure Clear Knife
    AED 15.00
    Pure Clear Knife.
  16. Acrylic Stemless Wine Glass
    AED 19.00
    Acrylic Stemless Wine Glass. 14 oz.
  17. Set of three Marble Handle Cheese Knives: pointed knife, thin rectangular knife and wide blade knife.
  18. Schmidt Brothers BBQ Double Burger Press.