Dressers & Chests

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  1. Dawson Clove 4-Drawer Chest
    AED 4,405.00
    Dawson Four-Drawer Chest.
  2. Dawson Grey Wash 4-Drawer Chest
    AED 4,589.00
    Dawson Grey Wash Four-Drawer Chest.
  3. Oxford Black 4-Drawer Chest
    AED 5,965.00
    Oxford Black 4-Drawer Chest.
  4. Colette Espresso 3-Drawer Chest
    AED 3,669.00
    Colette Espresso 3-Drawer Chest.
  5. Dawson Grey Wash 3-Drawer Chest
    AED 3,215.00
    Dawson Gray Wash Three-Drawer Chest.
  6. Atwood 6-Drawer Dresser
    AED 12,395.00
    Atwood 6-Drawer Dresser.
  7. Gia 5-Drawer Chest
    AED 7,345.00
    Gia 5-Drawer Chest.
  8. Linea II Natural Three-Drawer Chest
    AED 6,885.00
    Linea II Natural 3-Drawer Chest.
  9. Colette Espresso Vanity Table-Desk
    AED 2,295.00
    Colette Espresso Vanity Table-Writing Desk.
  10. Gwen 5-Drawer Wood and Metal Chest
    AED 5,965.00
    Gwen 5-Drawer Wood and Metal Chest.
  11. Flynn 5-Drawer Modern Chest
    AED 9,185.00
    Flynn 5-Drawer Modern Chest.
  12. Gia 7-Drawer Dresser
    AED 8,259.00
    Gia 7-Drawer Dresser.
  13. Keane Wenge 6-Drawer Solid Wood Dresser.
  14. Colette Espresso 5-Drawer Chest
    AED 5,049.00
    Colette Espresso 5-Drawer Chest.
  15. Gwen 10-Drawer Wood and Metal Dresser.
  16. James Walnut with Black Frame 5-Drawer Chest.
  17. Tate 3-Drawer Chest
    AED 5,049.00
    Tate 3-Drawer Chest.
  18. Dawson Grey Wash 6-Drawer Dresser
    AED 5,555.00
    Dawson Grey Wash Six-Drawer Dresser.